Tours and activities


Pure adrenaline for those who like this art. Enjoy, learn, thank our sea for the wonders it gives us. Relax and enjoy a fishing pass.


There is no way more refreshing than feeling the breezes run through our body, enjoy the sensation of being able to fly through the docel of the trees, watching birds and a splendid blue sky.

Boat trip and fishing

Enjoy an exciting boat adventure, which will take you to explore some majestic sites of the potrero bay. It also includes a fishing tours.


The beautiful beaches surrounding Hotel Isolina Beach make you discover interesting rock formations, giving you the opportunity to learn and recognize about the variety of fish in the area. One more way to enjoy the biodiversity in the North Pacific.

Horseback riding tour

If you like the beach, the horses, the sun, the sea, the pure nature you will enjoy a horse ride for all tastes, enjoy with us a moment of peace in our different horse tours, stroll through the beautiful landscapes with incredible views that will simply relax you and make your stay a harmonious enjoyment: the ocean, mountains and nature combine in one.